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More email scams: IRS

We report this morning the latest scam to appear via email.

Many will be familiar with the scam emails purporting to be sent by HM Revenue & Customs, HBOS, Santander and others. This practice (known as phishing) usually contains a link to a website and asks the recipient to login and update their account details, password etc.

A popular version circulating earlier this year, allegedly from HMRC, notified the recipient of a substantial tax refund which could only be collected by following a link and entering bank details!

We always advise anyone in receipt of such an email to delete it immediately. Sadly, we have seen some unsuspecting recipients respond to these emails . In such cases, we have encouraged the individuals concerned to contact their bank immediately.

The latest case of phishing involves the IRS (the US equivalent of HMRC) and requested confirmation of details to avoid being caught by the US tax system.

As always, the advice in relation to any email asking for information is to treat it with extreme caution. If in doubt, ask an adviser.