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Corporation Tax

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All companies in the UK are required to complete and submit a corporation tax return.

A corporation tax return is based on a company’s annual accounts and includes details of income, expenditure and assets and liabilities. Certain additional details, such as “associated” companies and loans to connected parties are required to be disclosed to HM Revenue & Customs.

As part of their drive to automate internal processes, HMRC have introduced changes in relation to electronic submission of returns. For many years, it has been possible to file returns electronically, but this has been extended to company accounts, which must now be filed in an electronic format. This will ultimately result in a more detailed review of company financial information by HMRC and means that companies need to take even more care to ensure that accounts and returns are prepared correctly.

We have extensive experience of dealing with corporation tax for companies and are fully compliant with the new HMRC requirements.

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